Digital Art History Workshop - University of Málaga
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9/2/2011 11:08:49 pm

Very much looking forward to the conversations over the three days ahead, to seeing work, projects, and hearing about challenges and solutions. But also, as the field of digital scholarship comes of age, it calls for critical reflection, perhaps on some of the very assumptions that have been foundational to our work so far. One of our biggest challenges is to convince others that an intellectual insight can arise from digital work, one that opens fundamental issues in humanistic research to questions about the ways we constitute our objects of knowledge using digital approaches within humanistic pursuits. What don't these current projects do that they might? And how? And why?

9/6/2011 11:12:42 pm

Along the lines of the challenge identified by Johanna, I would like to point participants to a paper I published on how 2D and 3D technologies can be used as research tools of discovery (and not simply of illustration) in the field of archaeology:


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